5 Android Apps for Home Improvement and Interior Decoration

Cleaning up your beloved house often and giving the spaces a modernized look should never go wrong. With taste, it usually never does, but renovating isn’t only about imagination – rather a handful of expenditure and calculations ought to be followed by. To help you do the best within your reach and budget, you could rely on the best Android apps available on the Google Play Store.


For the people with colorful imagination and intention to paint the rooms with all the brightest colors of their preference, then ColorSmart could be the app to get their hands on. This app could take an actual picture of the space to be painted and offer stimulating options by creating color schemes. Maybe a photo from the summer islands of Jamaica where all colors are saturated; you could pick your next theme for home decoration.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Houzz could provide a home maker with the necessary amount of motivation. Houzz is basically the encyclopedia of all related information on such matter. Houzz has a database of nearly millions of photos of different creative ideas on household interior designs; those photos are uploaded in quite high resolution. Also there’s a directory where the user could find local professionals on house decoration and rebuilding, such as Orlando Group Roofing and General Construction.

Image Source: Pixabay

Color Capture

While rebuilding a house or putting new colors onto your home walls, it’s crucial to have the exact color sample ready. Having a large palette of sample colors is cool, unless you either lose it or the colors on the paper fade. Color Capture is an app that basically keeps the colors. Whenever you see a color that looks like the perfect match to your walls, snap it and the respective color name and code would be found, and duly kept for further use.

Mark On Call

For professional help on interior designing and space planning, Mark on Call can help. Very often the online marketplaces show products a different size than they actually are, and when purchased they misfit in the pre-planned interior decoration. To avoid such a situation, having help from true professional logistic and interior management companies will get the job done at ease. Mark on Call costs $2.99.

Home 3D

Making a floor or tiles layout on some CAD software is easy, but how that design will fit on a real life space is difficult to assume. Home 3D offers the option to blend in design with reality and see for yourself. This app costs $3.99 but the functionality is definitely worth a lot more.


All these apps definitely offer the best features to redesign or renovate your home in the most convenient ways.


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