Keep Your Productivity Up By Getting Up

Working at the computer all day long, it is so easy to forget to get up and stretch your legs once in awhile. The issue is compounded when you work from home and do not have outside stimulus that reminds you it is healthy to get up once in awhile. As you go longer and longer between stretching, your productivity will actually begin to decrease over time. This will cause you to slow down, take longer to do the same amount of work, and probably your quality will go down as well.

It is important that you maintain an active lifestyle if you are going to make a career out of working in tech. Take some time now to cultivate a few healthy hobbies that will keep you moving throughout the day, week, month, year, and the rest of your life. Take some time to go shopping at Tilly”s to find just the right accessories that fit your new hobby choice.


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If you are planning to get into biking, Tilly’s has some great sportswear, including helmets. If you’d like to swim, Tilly’s has swimwear, too. The list goes on and on- but the point is, you need to get yourself set up for success.

If you let your body stagnate, your health, and eventually your work ability will stagnate as well. We all know you are pushing it at the desk, increasing the intervals to which you are willing to stay at the desk between breaks. But, to keep your productivity levels high, you actually need to take breaks more frequently. As counter-productive as it sounds, developing more hobbies will make you get more work done.

The more well-rounded you make yourself- that is, the more hobbies you develop outside of work- the more work you will get done during the time that you do devote to work. It is important to treat your body right. Don’t take care of your body, and it won’t be able to support you and all of your goals at work. If you treat your body right, you’ll find that it can accomplish any task you request of it.


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