What you need to know about Bulk SMS

Bulk messaging or bulk sms service, is an ultra-modern technique to spread out or broadcast a single message to as many mobile numbers as required, depending upon the objective of doing so across different geographies. The sender can decide the limit of the recipients and send the same message to them in one go. Bulk sms can be used for different purposes, such as:

  • Mobile marketing
  • Awareness
  • Fraud prevention
  • Reminders
  • Alerts
  • Information sharing

This is a new feather in the hat of today’s new face of mobile phones and businesses (banks, media companies, consumer brands etc), which is fast and economical in every sense of the word and as effective as any other medium. It can go global along with the domestic territories with the same speed and cost, fulfilling the motive of sending it in the easiest way. Bulk messaging has proved to be an adrenaline rush in the mobile marketing, boosting various campaigns all around the world.

Bulk sms service is done by various software packages or platforms available in the market today, which allows the sender to share the time critical information with end number of mobile users. Different features of software packages decide the costing of this service, for eg, if the sender wants to gather the delivery reports, that will enhance the cost a bit but even all such features or facilities together keeps the costing way cheaper than other media campaigns, be it a corporate or a political one.


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As the saying goes, technology and innovation goes hand in hand, the icing on the cake turns out to be bulk voice sms service, the second and refined version of bulk messaging. In simple words, it means a talking sms sent to huge number of recipients in one instance. Human race always run towards the betterment, and in order to derive the best out of bulk messaging service, technology added voice feature to make it more personalized and effective. The way the sms typed once can be sent to different mobile users, similarly voice sms, once recorded and can be sent to different people across different areas.

Benefits of the bulk voice messaging are:

  • It can also be sent to landlines and not only to mobile users
  • Recipients has the option to respond
  • Record the response
  • Can be sent in different languages for better clarity
  • Text messages can also converted into voice messages

A bulk voice sms service provider has various options to choose from, regarding a bulk voice message campaign. A provider has everything under one roof to support and assist such campaigns like a strong infrastructure, relevant database, multiple IVR solutions, all the necessary permissions and licenses etc. A bulk voice sms service provider actually evaluates the objective to run a campaign, can accordingly analyze the complexities and based on the expertise can come up with more valuable components required to do it that too without adding much cost to it.


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