Top 5 Android Apps for Personal Finance

Managing personal finance could be a cumbersome job. Controlling the cash flow is necessary to have a good financial deal by the end of a month, or a year; hence full control on the transactions should be monitored and organized in a pocket-friendly way. While many people fail to do so; the Android apps are here to help. We have sorted out 5 Android apps for personal finance that are well populated over the internet and available in Google Play Store.

Virtual Wallet

The app Virtual Wallet provides a comprehensive snippet of your bank accounts and other financial accounts where you have kept your money. The balance on your different accounts, cards, due and paid bills etc. all are listed on the app’s interface. 5 latest transactions would be listed on the app interface as well to show a better picture of how the wallet management has been going on – hence the name ‘Virtual Wallet’.


The company PayPal began their journey as an online payment gateway. That feature is still active, whereas the smartphone apps now provide few more intuitive features. If your base financial account is PayPal, you could actually do almost everything with this app. For example, transferring money to someone else’s account or receiving money from someone’s account, sending money abroad and receiving international transactions, making payments for online purchases – everything’s possible.


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Snap Tax

Taxes occupy a large portion on everyone’s annual expenditure. Paying taxes accurately and promptly is a citizen’s duty to do, and Snap Tax can help one with their taxes. TurboTax is the company who worked behind the app’s creation, and the return is fantastic. The users shall get to know the amount owed to the govt. for annual tax and an electronic file would be created just by one-click. The full version of this app costs $19.99.

Easy Envelope Budget Aid

To create monthly or yearly budgets, the Easy Envelope Budget Aid is a comprehensive tool. Any sort of personal budgeting could be done – household, business, children’s allowance, car maintenance or any other expenditure that requires precise calculation for budgeting. On the month-end report, the user could see the cash flow. The basic version is free while the premium one would cost $8.00.


Mint is the all-rounder app when it comes to personal finance management. Managing money is too damn easy with Mint as it shows every transaction, every earning or every penny of your cash flow. The red and green buttons would indicate where money should be spent and where it shouldn’t be. Mint is free.


These 5 apps can get the personal budgeting done so efficiently, at a decent cost.


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